Nevada is the Deep State

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegasvke, was the keynote speaker, via Zoom, Thursday, Dec. 17, at the Spring Mountain Republican Women’s Luncheon, in Las Vegas, where she was asked about voter fraud and the Dominion election systems.

Cegasvke, a Republican, said that she has not seen any evidence of voter fraud, claiming neither the NV GOP nor the Trump campaign have reached out to her with any evidence of voter fraud. However less than two weeks ago, in the Carson City Court House, down the street from her office, the Trump campaign submitted twenty books of evidence including the names and addresses of:

  • 42,000 people who voted twice
  • 4,000 illegal aliens who voted
  • 1500 dead people
  • 19,000 people who do not live in Nevada
  • 15,000 voters registered in a commercial or vacant lot

But she didn’t bother to attend.

Cegasvke told the women’s group that her “office has seven criminal investigators and if anyone brings me evidence of a crime we will investigate it.”

She then said she didn’t have the authority to investigate Joe Gloria nor any voter fraud in Clark County. Cegasvke went further on to claim that Dominion Software is a great system and that all the stories about Dominion are fake news.

Jesse Law, one of several Trump Electors that sued Nevada to overturn the election results, called Cegasvke a liar stating his team “sent her numerous documents and requests to investigate voter fraud in Nevada. In fact she was named in one the lawsuits by the Trump Campaign and State GOP. So for her to claim she’s never received evidence of voter fraud is a lie.”

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