The Travesty that is Our Local Media Coverage

“Tensions were high Saturday in downtown Carson City in front of the Nevada Legislature building as a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally attracted both a group of people affiliated with the Proud Boys, as well as an armed militia,” writes someone calling themselves ‘Admin’ (which the same as saying ‘an unnamed source,) for

This is what passes for media in Northern Nevada and it is shameful. Here’s more of the dishonesty:

“The Proud Boys describe themselves as “western chauvinists.” Others, including the FBI, have classified them as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism.

The group in downtown Saturday continuously threw up White Power hand signs at passing traffic throughout the day, as well as held up White Power hand signs while posing with Trump supporters.

The White Power hand signs in question are a more recent gesture of white supremacy. By holding the “Okay” sign, with the forefinger and thumb making a circle and the middle, ring and pinkie finger held straight, the hand signal indicates ‘White Power’ with the three fingers making a ‘W’ and the circle being the top of the ‘P.’”

So, it is now evident, according to this so-called news report, former President Barack Obama is a ‘Proud Boy,’ as the internet is full of images of him (not to mention others in The Democratic party) displaying this sign openly. This is, of course a bit of sarcasm, as the so-called hand gesture is nothing more than a quick way of displaying that things are ‘OK.’

This is so ignorant a claim that CarsonNow doesn’t even bother to report that one of the co-founders of ‘The Proud Boys’ is of Cuban-American named Henry ‘Enrique’ Tarrio, who clearly is not ‘White.’ One of the rules of news reporting, a simple one at that, is to know who and what you are talking about.

In the end, the take away from the article is that there was no violence and despite of the presence of ‘armed militia,’ which is legal due to Nevada’s open carry law, no violence was perpetrated on a single bystander, participant or law enforcement member.

As for you ‘Admin,’ you are dishonest, a coward and show yourself to be a propagandist for the Associated Press and its ilk, hiding behind a title that subjects the entire staff of this electronic newspaper to being questionable in their honesty, integrity and ethics. Perhaps you ought to stick to reporting traffic accidents and COVID-19 figures.


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