The Hunt Continues

The supreme Court may have failed in its duty to hold accountable the various states believed to have been involved in targeted voter fraud, but I refuse to stand down. Instead, as I find it, I will expose the criminal malcontents throughout Nevada, naming names and making every fact uncovered, a matter of public record.

In Nevada, legal and illegal non-citizens can hold driver’s licenses and identification cards. With this in mind, one of the changes Democrats passed in the 2019 legislative session was the mandate for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to automatically register everyone 18-years or older and who apply for drivers licenses to register to vote.

From the DMV’s own public records, a list of green card holders and non citizens who had obtained driver’s licenses was searched. When comparing this information against state voter records throughout Nevada, it has been discovered that 6,260 non citizens were registered to vote, with3,987 non-citizens having voted.

There is much more to this, but here’s the breakdown so far as testified to in the Supplemental to Declaration of Jesse Kamzol, dated Dec. 2, 2020:

  • 6,360 positive matches were made from within the DMV to the Voter File.
  • 6,136 (96.5%) of those matched voter registration records have voter registration records that are ‘Active.’
  • 3,987 (62.7 %) of those matched voter registration records voted/cast ballots that appear to have been counted, meaning, they are not shown as being provisional or rejected mail ballots per data collected from the Secretary of State (SoS) Barbara Cegavske and/or County Elections Divisions.
  • 4,546 (71.5%) of those matched voter registration records have appeared to have attempted to vote, including provisional votes and rejected mail ballots per data collected from the SoS and/or County Elections Divisions.

Here’s Kamzol’s complete declaration.

This evidence was uncovered without the help of Nevada Attorney General Ford, a Democrat, who said he would investigate and prosecute voter fraud. Yet, we have evidence of non-citizens receiving and casting ballots while Ford continues the narrative that there was no fraud.

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