Nevada Sex Worker Opens GoFundMe Account

Following up on a news story, reported here about license sex worker, Alice Little and her uphill battle to regain the right to work from a legal brothel in Nevada, she has opened a GoFundMe campaign called, “Legal Defense Fund for Nevada Brothels” to help raise money in her ongoing lawsuit against Nevada’s governor for his refusal to reopen brothels amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With her legal costs soaring, Alice Little, who works at Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Lyon County, one of eight Nevada counties that allow for legalized prostitution and is home to four brothels, has turned to the online fundraising platform in her ongoing legal battle.

To date, Little’s lawsuit has been entirely self-funded, but after eight months of underemployment and financial hardship caused by the brothel closures and Nevada’s depressed COVID economy, Little is seeking assistance with her ever-increasing legal fees as she continues her fight.

“Since the brothels closed, sex workers have been financially devastated,” said Little. “We’ve been scrambling to make ends meet.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak shut down the state’s legal bordellos in March because of COVID-19, denying individuals such as Little to earn an honest wage. The outspoken Little claims in her lawsuit that the governor’s “arbitrary and capricious” decision to keep legal brothels closed is in violation of her rights.

The governor has yet to reopen the state’s legal brothels, even though other close-contact businesses such as massage parlors, spas and salons have been given the green light. Little wants the governor to immediately reopen Nevada’s legal brothels or allow sex workers to lawfully work from home.

On Nov. 19, the court ordered the Office of the Nevada Attorney General to respond to Little’s legal action within 30 days.

“Some sex workers, including me, have pivoted to making some money through adult online platforms like OnlyFans, which commonly isn’t as lucrative as legal brothel work,” Little said. “Other sex workers have had no choice but to practice prostitution illegally in Las Vegas and Reno, where prostitution is criminalized, without the safety and health measures the legal brothels provide. It’s really a disaster.”

“I’ve already spent a considerable amount of my personal savings on this lawsuit,” she added. “After speaking with other unemployed brothel workers, I was encouraged to start a GoFundMe to help with our ‘David versus Goliath’ legal battle against the governor.”

“So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive as fellow sex workers, sex worker clients and other generous individuals have started to donate,” said Little. “It’s extremely heartwarming and inspiring to know that Nevada’s sex workers have support in these uncertain times.”

Marc Randazza, Little’s attorney, said that government leaders are using the pandemic as an excuse to keep these businesses closed.

“There are constitutional rights at stake. Our democratically elected leaders are acting in undemocratic ways,” Randazza said.

According to the lawsuit, the closure of the brothels violates constitutional rights:

  • The freedom of association, which protects an individual’s right to enter into and maintain an intimate relationship from unjustified government interference
  • The right to earn a living, which protects individual rights to earn a living through their chosen career from unjustified government interference
  • The right to equal protection. The lawsuit claims that Sisolak arbitrarily prohibited Little from working in the legal sex industry when other businesses that involve direct contact with clients are allowed to open.

Sisolak’s office declined to comment. Little’s GoFundMe page can be found at

2 thoughts on “Nevada Sex Worker Opens GoFundMe Account

  1. girlieboy69

    It is an absolute travesty that Sex Work is discriminated against. In Nevada’s case, it should be put on an equal footing with other close-contact industries such as massage, and how the government can interfere with someone’s right to conduct business from their home should be challenged in every court of the land.

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