Nevada Election Breakdown

Former Vice-president Joe Biden is reported to have claimed victory in Nevada with more than 33,000 votes over President Trump. Biden, according to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, had a total of 703,486 votes statewide, while Trump had only 669, 890.

However, considering the underreported targeted voter fraud, as attested to through hundreds of signed affidavits, and confined mostly to Clark County, the actual vote count for Biden is a negative number. Dead voters: 1,500; changed addresses: 2,500; vacant addresses: 6,000; non-existent addresses: 8,000; vacant commercial addresses: 15,000; out of state addresses: 20,000; double voting: 42,000.

So, let’s do the math — 703,486 (Biden) minus 669,890 (Trump) equals 33,596 (difference,) minus negative-62,000 (fraudulent,) equals 28,404 (difference.)

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