American Think

What did Americans think after declaring independence, fighting a war, creating a new Constitutional Republic only to be thrust into a new war less than twenty years later with the same Government and our own people?

What did Americans think during three terms of FDR, that was real long term socialism in America and where suicide sky rocketed, businesses were lost and lives destroyed?

What did Americans think when over 120-thousand American men, women, and children were thrown in internment camps for years during WWII?

While many thought a lot of different stuff, they didn’t think it was all over.

2 thoughts on “American Think

  1. dolphinwrite

    Where there are people of different outlooks, there will be disagreements. The U.S. Constitution, the greatest man-made, inspired, document to grace these lands, provided a great opportunity, which we embraced. But as one said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We must never give up, we must always learn and communicate, and we must always protect our country and family.


  2. John

    It will never be over, that’s a negative thing to say but I believe it’s realistic, Tom.

    I’ve thought many times that ‘we’ should have stayed home in England. The same tyranny is happening here today, that which ‘we’ fled from a tyrannic king just a few hundred years ago.

    It’s a vicious cycle that mankind has been stuck in since recorded history began. We gerbils are caught in the spinning wheel.

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