Bus Found to Be Transporting Voting Machines

This gets so exhausting. Treated as a straight-up news article, I posted this to FB only to have ‘authorities’ claim it to be ‘misinformation…’
FOLLOW UP 2: The Buckeye Police Department said the bus was full of office equipment and that the bus driver had a receipt for the content. Authorities say that the original post was ‘misinformation.’
FOLLOW UP: The driver was located. Investigators say that he had receipts for the machines which were purchased at an auction. No further deals were provided by authorities.
In Buckeye, AZ., a bus with 2006 Nevada plates and loaded with voting machines was discovered by local police.
At the Shell station on Buckeye Road, east of Hwy 85, a bus broke down and was believed to be abandoned. Since no driver could be found, the police were called.
When officers opened the back door of the bus they found it to be completely filled with voting machines. Both the Maricopa County Sherriff and ATF were immediately notified.
However, the local and national media has a lid on this story.

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