Nightmare at the Alternative Care Site

This subject got me booted from FB for three-days after I defended myself from pretty mean attack, including the wish that I ‘would die…,’ so needless to say, I have heard it all. Guess my media credentials are not as good as the other media credentials, you know the ones that toe-the-line and fall in where they’re told…

Yesterday morning, I went down to the northwest corner of Renown Medical Center’s parking structure and took a quick look inside the Alternative Care Site (ACS) they’ve set up. Not a single patient insight, though plenty of empty beds were established.

When I got home, my online news feed was blowing up and off the charts about how Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak is condemning President Trump for calling Renown ACS ‘fake’ in a retweet on Twitter.

“For nearly nine months, the State of Nevada has not only had to battle this pandemic, we have had to fight the President’s nonstop attempts to politicize a virus that has led to over 260,000 American deaths,” said Sisolak.

Of course, now a hospital spokeswoman has claimed that 42 people are being treated in the ACS, but none of the local news agencies have identified this spokeswoman or shown video or photographs of these patients. And of course by now, they probably have transferred patients into the facility.

“Come on, man,” I can hear Sisolak’s buddy, Joe Biden saying, “It’s only P.R.”

Sisolak went on to say, about the hospital’s staff, “They aren’t liars, as the President implied — they are heroes.”

To that I’d like to point out: No one said the hospital staff were the liars. They set up the ACS on Sisolak’s insistence and it is now incumbent on Sisolak to fill those beds and as of yet, he can’t, thus the label ‘fake,’ like it or not.

Meanwhile, the local media, lap-dogs really, are not reporting what they could clearly see with their own two eyes, should they want too. What makes me shake my head is that you can go online and see from Washoe County Health District’s own data, Renown’s ICU occupancy rate is at 59% — and that a small fraction of those are COVID cases — and even worse, according to 35 year’s worth of CDC data, Nevada’s normal ICU occupancy rate is 69% — meaning that even with COVID-19, they’re 10 points below normal.

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