Georgio the Explorer

This year 2020, Georgio was prepared to fly to unexplored lands that only his mind could imagine. He had done everything possible to make the long tethers as secure as possible and their ends as fragrant to the Monarch’s as he could.

Once their northward migration began, he hurried to his tightly-woven basket and waited to be carried aloft into the clouds, on on the wind. Several members of the village where he lived accompanied him because they thought he would never succeed.

“You are loco,” the men called to him.

“You are going died,” the women cried.

After several hours, Georgio was about to give up, when suddenly thousands upon thousands of orange and black butterflies encapsulated his tethers, his basket and then him. Those that watched were stunned by the bright, fluttering display.

“Go!” Georgio screamed. “Fly away!”

Then, as if of one mind, the insects lifted away, leaving the basket and tethers behind. However, Georgio was nowhere to be found.

No one had told the intrepid young explorer that Monarch Butterflies are very hungry after long migratory flights. And no one knew that these particular winged creatures were as carnivorous as vultures.

The women were right, Georgio died.


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