A Note from the Left-side of my Brain

President Trump is a liar. He had help from the Russian’s in order to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Dominion Voting machines are secure and therefore President-elect Joe Biden won the recent election with 80-million votes. Trump is simply a sore loser.

COVID-19 did not originate in China. It was a disease developed by one of the many pharmaceutical companies that is owned by Trump, because he did not divest of all his corporate ties prior to becoming President.

He has killed more people because of his illiterate tweets than all who died during the Dark Ages. And he has selected a rapist and religious zealot to sit on the Supreme Court.

As for the Trump-virus, it is set to wipe out human kind by 2031, however this can be averted if we reduce our carbon emission’s back to pre-historical standards. This is further evidenced by the overflow of local hospitals all across the U.S., and the spillage of excess patients suffering from COVID.

More proof that COVID-19 is going to destroy all we hold so dear, is the fact that ICU’s across this nation are now solely used for the purpose of treating COVID patients, as no other illness or injury is accounted for. In fact, many major hospitals in several regions of the country have developed Alternative Care Sites to handle all over-flow and it appears that even these will overflow within a day or two.

But there is good news: a vaccine is currently being developed to combat and possibly cure COVID-19. It is said to be 99% effective with the continued wearing of a face-mask, social distancing, self-isolation and vigorous washing of the hands.

3 thoughts on “A Note from the Left-side of my Brain”

  1. I’ve found over the many many years that I’ve been blogging on WP that talking about anything political can and sometimes does cause followers to vanish…

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