Mary Greger, 1937-2020

How many times did Mary Greger run me out of the library? There’s no way to tell.

Mary is one of the many people that made high school, a place I thought of more as torture, a good experience. And I think she knew my dislike for school.

She was the head librarian at Del Norte High and that library was my hiding place. You see, I did a lot of skipping of classes all four years and when it was storming out, who wanted to go hang out in the woods around the parking lot and get soaked.

It was like a cat-and-mouse game. Why?

Because while working for the high school annuals, I could never get a photograph of her for the yearbook. Frustrating at 16 and 17 for sure, but well worth the chuckle at 60 years of age.

(While researching back ground information, I learned that she never had a photo of herself in any of the annuals from my time in high school. Sneaky!)

This morning I went to the online edition of the Del Norte Triplicate’s obituary section and I immediately recognized. I have nothing but warm memories of her catching me perusing the book shelves in the far corner from the main desk and her chastising me for missing whatever class I was skipping.

Oddly, she never tattled on me, not once. Instead, I’d go to the bathroom, then wait for her to go into the back and I’d slip in again, jumping the turnstile.

Oh, the look on her face when she’d catch me in that far corner, leafing through yet another book, once again!

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