Worth the Mask

laying on my bed
with thoughts of dying
not suicide
simply dying
giving my spirit back to
i have company
my dog
he lays next to me
he does not move
perhaps he thinks
of dying as well
new restrictions
but nothing works
liberty failed
abundance of caution
which one am I
one cannot protect
if no one will not…
will not…what
want that protection
my protection or
the wolfs false protection
cannot fight the mask
she wants it more
more than liberty
death is preferred
to the agony of seeing
loved ones led to
a slaughter
quiet is the room
quiet is the broken
as it fades
even my dog
faithful companion
has left my side
death is not his
thought and he
leads the way
for such is the
of living in the
and that now
is no longer
worth it or
worth the mask


3 thoughts on “Worth the Mask

  1. Yes, it’s easier to deal with, agreed.
    I’m wondering tho, how the life on the Earth will look 30 years from now… bcz in the last 10 it took a crazy swing – in technology & in morality. Well, at least our thoughts will be stored on some WiFi cloud & hopefully, the next generation will learn a lesson or two about chaos in 2020 etc

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