Our daughter-in-law is an operator for Lyft and Uber. Yesterday afternoon she was driving by the Grand Sierra Hotel/Casino in Reno, Nevada when she saw only a portion of the property’s electronic billboard.

From her vantage point all she could see for the few seconds she had to read the billboard were the words, “Rest in Peace…Trebeck.”

Where the first name was had been blocked from her view. For the next few hours she picked up and dropped off people, all the while puzzling over Trebeck’s first name.

“I could have Googled it, but that would be like cheating since it was right there on the tip of my tongue,” she said. “I kept thinking ‘it’s a four letter name,’ like Mike, Bill or John, but nothing was ringing a bell or sounded right.”

Finally, she decided to call it a day and head for home. Once there she immediately asked her husband, Kyle, “What’s that Trebeck guy’s first name?”

Kyle asked, “You’re serious?”

“Yeah,” she answered, “I’ve been trying to remember it all day.”

Half-smiling and ready to laugh, Kyle returned, “What is your first name?”

“Alex,” she answered.

He walked away as she screamed, “Alex Trebeck! That’s it!”

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