Practical Deception

They race from the Left,  trickle from the Right, flow from the Middle. Each and every one screaming that I’m lying, spreading falsehoods and am a poor loser for having posted about the ‘taking of names’ and ‘re-education camps.’ These are nothing more than pandering idiots and Internet trolls attempting to obfuscate what can be seen clearly.

It feels wonderful to be asked, if not lectured, to ‘reach out’ to our neighbors and loved one and talk about anything but politics. That’s exactly what failed Democratic Presidential candidate Pete  Buttigieg tweets.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? But don’t be fooled!

However, Buttigieg’s ‘former’ national surrogates director Emily Abrams wrote something remarkably opposite before her account went private:


These are people not to be trusted, and friends and loved ones need to be made aware of how these people are deceivers, even if there is a risk of losing contact with them. Our nation depends on honesty.

One thought on “Practical Deception”

  1. I definitely don’t trust anyone in politics or media. They all have a larger agenda at play that they’re hiding, but not very well. I don’t understand people that believe in them.


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