Dear Democrat:

Go ahead, keep telling everyone how it is time to heal the nation. We have your number, my patriotic friend.

While you are at it, tell that man or that woman, who for no fault of their own, were subjected to looting, arson and other forms of violence, simply because they owned a business. Explain to the widow or widower and the orphans, whose wife, husband or parent, a law enforcement officer, was murdered because your party believes them to be oppressors.

Tell us how we are to heal knowing that the national media, all the way down to the local media are in the pocket of your fellow politicians. Please explain clearly, how aiding those contributing to social unrest via the corporate broadcast agencies, you so bitterly hate, are going to affect a proper healing or that by social media censoring peoples voices is going to clear the way back to our founding document.

Please, explain how ensuring a woman can have an abortion is a pathway to health or healthcare. Speak up when you address the fact that it is unconstitutional for the federal government, through taxes raised via the American citizen or business, is what is written in our founding documents.

Keep telling the American people that you are on their side. I, for one American, am tired of the pandering and would prefer you simply call me an enemy of the state, a Socialist state and soon to be Communist state, where only a handful of people, leaders as you are so quick to call them, will have power.

As an enemy of the state, I am still free to speak my mind and even up to my quickened death. You on the other hand have forsaken your liberty for the power of a party and you shall die the slow death of a non-person, not to mention a non-patriot.

I am calling you as I see you…a liar and a fraud, and that thief who comes in the middle of the night.

3 thoughts on “Dear Democrat:”

  1. My parents escaped communism to come to a free country, The USA. I think if they were alive today they would be looking for a place to escape again from this soon to be communistic country…

    The writing is on the wall. I don’t know why the people of America want this? But they do. They elected it.

    I know many of the Democrats have already switched their party saying this is not the party they knew and loved many years ago, after seeing what their party did to Trump, they wanted out.

    God help us all, the people have actually voted the government control the people through propaganda the same way communism does it.

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  2. Well, Tom, you just lost this follower. There is so much I could say, but I’ll confine myself to pointing out that yiou have no idea what socialism or Communisn are. Cetainly no US politician I have ever heard speaking or writing/being written about is either. The US Democratic Party would be regarded as Centre Right across most of Europe. I think you are about to experience a rather more honest and truthfull White House than you have endured for the past 4 years. Whether or not that is capable of healing the divisions the most recent occupant has fostered remains to be seen.


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