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The Democratic Party of America (DPA) is the name that was popularly given to members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and by extension to the regime through which the DNC rules the United States of America.

The DPA was slowly built up in the urban streets of of the US during the early 1960s, under President Lyndon B. Johnson and supported by both the DNC and the Republican National Committee (RNC). Although the RNC originally fought against Johnson and the DNC, both parties came together at the signing of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The DPA regime, while remaining low key, was highly autocratic, totalitarian, xenophobic, paranoid, and repressive. Many deaths resulted from the regime’s social engineering policies and the 1619 Project, which was aided by universities, media and politicians. The goal of the DPA was to strip down and disregard historical facts as they had been taught, and suffuse the education system with ‘lesser’ known, but as highly important facts that proved that the United States of American, through its founding was an agent for slavery and corporate capitalism, designed to maintain the power hold over those of color or sex.

In the 1970s, the DPA was largely supported and funded by the DNC, receiving approval from various nations that also held the world view that the US was nothing more than a suppressive colonial state. It is estimated that at least 90% of the foreign aid which was provided to the DPA through the DNC came from Communist nations like Russia, North Korea and China.

In the 1980’s the regime was removed from power when by an overwhelming majority Ronald Reagan was elected president of the US. and he quickly moved to destroy most of the DPA’s infrastructure. The DPA then fled underground and reasserted itself again within the ranks of major universities and media news outlets. Entrenched, the DPA began is systematic reeducation of children, often with parental permission.

By the early 1990’s, with the US fighting on behalf of the small principality of Kuwait and against the nation of Iraq, whose leader Saddam Hussein, had at one time been under the employ of the CIA, and whose then-director was now the President of the United States, George H.W. Bush, the DPA stepped up it reformation techniques, presenting a mass front using broadcast television, music and lifestyle shows and both broadcast and print media to topple the Bush Administration. This led to the landslide election of William Jefferson Clinton, the one-time Governor of the State of Arkansas.

Under Clinton’s leadership, the world saw several conflicts designed to bring about world peace. Many of these conflicts directly but discreetly benefited both the Clinton’s, the DNC and as the titular head, the DPA. With Clinton’s guidance, long term relationships were established with Russia, North Korea and China as sanctions were put in place to punish Corporate America for growing its wealth beyond a point were the US peoples were ashamed of their nation.

However, prosperity would not last as another Bush was elected to the White House. This time, George W. Bush, the son of George H.W. Bush lead the greatest corporate raid in US history, taking for himself the wealth of Wall Street and destroying several banking and lending institutions along the way.

Further, under his leadership, he created a conflict in both Afghanistan and Iraq, where he stated our purpose was to battle terrorism, but instead made both ‘wars’ a proxiship for the oil industry and opium, thwarting President Richard Milhous Nixon’s supposed ‘War on Drugs,’ and lynch-pin of the Republican Party’s platform.

It wasn’t until the pivotal and reformative election of a ‘young, clean, well-spoken black man,’ by the name of Barrack Hussein Obama that the DPA finally find the courage to step out of the shadows and into the public spot-light. Over time, and with the guiding hand of the Obama Administration, the DPA was able to fully utilize openly the US education system, the various and ever-changing platforms of broadcast and print as well as the then-under appreciated social media platforms being created in the Silicon Valley of California.

With simple to understand catchphrases like, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” “Yes, we can,” “You didn’t build this,” and “Lean Forward,” Obama assured his popularity with the mainstream media, which had by now began to see the fruits of its labor grow beyond even its ability to maintain its neutrality.

After eight years of ‘by-the-boot-strap’ growth that saw the overhaul of the nations healthcare system, the infusion of cash to sanctioned nations like Iran and the growth and popularity of North Korea, Syria and Greece, the US elected a ‘Trojan Horse,’ by the name of Donald John Trump. Having been an entrepreneur and real-estate magnet between the early 70’s and through the second decade of the 2000’s, Trump became the ‘dark horse,’ who through manipulation of corporate monies and assistance from the former Soviet Union, beat Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton for the presidency in 2016.

Obama would die of lung cancer, due to chronic cigarette smoking in 2042.

It was widely known that Trump had ties to Vladimir Putin and other lesser Communist sympathizers, having made several under the table deals with these agents, who at one time were allies of the DPA and were now operating in tandem with other forces outside the US, to halt the spread of democracy, but undermining both the United Nations and the European Union.

In power, the movement’s ideology was shaped by a deft mixture of Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and Mao Zedong ‘s philosophy creating a better form of government and widely known and taught as ‘democracy.’ and in which the Party Center defeated other regional elements of its leadership. Due in part to its secrecy and changes in how it presented itself, academic interpretations of its political position vary widely, ranging from interpreting it as the “purest” Marxist–Leninist movement to characterizing it as an anti-Marxist “peasant revolution.”

Its early leaders and theorists, most of whom had been exposed to the heavily Stalinist outlook of the French Communist Party developed a distinctive and eclectic “post-Leninist” ideology that drew on elements of Stalinism, Maoism and the postcolonial theory of Frantz Fanon. In the early 1970s, the DPA looked to the model of Enver Hoxha’s Albania which they believed was the most advanced communist state then in existence.

Many of the regime’s characteristics such as its focus on the urban peasantry rather than the rural proletariat as the bulwark of revolution, its emphasis on Great Lean Forward-type initiatives, its desire to abolish personal interest in human behavior, its promotion of communal living and eating and its focus on perceived common sense over technical knowledge appear to have been heavily influenced by Maoist ideology. However, the DPA displayed these characteristics in a more extreme form.

While the DPA described itself as “democratic in nature” once it was in power, some communist regimes, saw it as a Maoist deviation from orthodox Marxism. The Maoist and Khmer Rouge belief that human willpower could overcome material and historical conditions was strongly at odds with mainstream Marxism, which emphasized materialism and the idea of history as inevitable progression toward communism.

One of the regime’s defining characteristics was ultranationalism, which combined an idealization of the pre-1619 era, in which Europeans had never set foot on US shores, and the current era of the 2000’s with an existential fear for the survival of indigenous persons and those seen living outside the scope of normal society, to wit: transgendered, pedophiliacs and other persons of color or sexual orientations, which had historically been liquidated during periods of Colonial intervention. Once in power, the DPA removed Caucasian, Judeo-Christian Conservatives (both men and women,) their offspring and extended family from any notable position within the federal government. The same attitude extended to the party’s own ranks, as senior DPA figures were removed from the leadership despite extensive experience.

These person’s were often killed, then buried in unmarked mass graves.

Among these were professors, teachers, medical doctors, theologians, historians, media personalities, movie and television personalities, known Conservative/Constitutional sympathizers, low level politicians, like mayors and council, board members and even three elected dog-catchers. The ‘cleansing,’ as it was known, was a purge developed to leave the party as purified of outside forces as possible.

The DPA’s economic policy, which was largely based on the plans of capitalism, focused on the achievement of national self-reliance through an initial phase of agricultural collectivism. This was then used as a route to achieve rapid social transformation and industrial and technological development without assistance from foreign powers, a process which the party characterized as a “Super Great Lean Forward.”

The party’s General Secretary Nancy Pelosi strongly influenced the propagation of this policy. She is reportedly to have been impressed with the self-sufficient manner in which the Mexican people of California, worked and lived, believing their transient life-style of moving from one farm to another during planting, growing and harvesting season was a form of primitive communism. Her theory developed the concept that the nation should take “agriculture as the basic factor and use the fruits of agriculture to build industry.”

In mid-2021, following the loss of President Trump to former-Senator and once-vice-president Joe Biden, China President  Xi Jinping stated that Pelosi’s belief that collectivization of agriculture was capable of creating “a complete Communist society without wasting time on the intermediate steps.”

Thus with Xi’s encouragement, society was accordingly classified into peasant “base people”, who would be the bulwark of the transformation; and urban “new people”, who were to be reeducated or liquidated. The focus of the peasantry as the base of the revolution was a product of their status as “petty-bourgeois radicals who had been overcome by peasantist romanticism.”

What became of Former President Trump and his family and extended relatives is unknown.

The opposition of the peasantry and the urban population in DPA ideology was heightened by the structure of the US’s rural economy, where farmers, ranchers and small business had historically suffered from indebtedness to urban money-lenders rather than suffering from indebtedness to landlords. The policy of evacuating major towns, as well as providing a reserve of easily exploitable agricultural labor, was viewed positively by the DPA’s peasant supporters as removing the source of their debts.

The governing structure of DPA was split between the state presidium, the cabinet and the party’s own Politburo and Central Committee. All were complicated by a number of political factions which existed in in the early 60’s but manifested strongly in the mid-to-late 70s. The leadership of the Party Center, the faction which was headed by Biden, remained largely unchanged from 2021 to 2023. It was during the first months of 2023, Biden was taken ill and his Vice-president Kamala Harris was sworn in as the 47th President of the United States.

Her ascension to the White House was seen as a greater victory than when she was sworn into the office of the vice-presidency in 2021. Because she was not only a woman, but a woman of color, she rivaled even that of Obama, who in 2008, was elected the first Black president.

Between 2023 and 2024 there were several powerful leaders who were demoted, and many other figures who had been associated with the pre-2000 party arrested and executed. Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other’s eventual execution would be followed by that of the majority of 70’s and 80’s cadre of DNC and RNC cadre. The Party Center accomplished this by forming an alliance within the government’s several agencies, namely the FBI and the Bureau of Land Management.

In Washington DC and other cities, the DPA told residents that they would only be moved about “two or three miles” away from the city and would return in “two or three days.” Some witnesses said they were told that the evacuation was because of the “threat of foreign terror attacks” and they were also told that they did not have to lock their houses since the police would “take care of everything” until they returned.

If people refused to evacuate, they would immediately be killed and their homes would be burned to the ground. The evacuees were sent on long marches to the countryside, which killed thousands of children, elderly and sick people. These were not the first evacuations of civilian populations by the DPA because similar evacuations of populations without possessions had been occurring on a smaller scale since early 2020.

On arrival at the resettlement camps to which they had been assigned, evacuees were required to write brief autobiographical essays. The essay’s content, particularly with regard to the subject’s activity during the post 2020 election, was used to determine their fate. Military officers and those occupying elite professional roles were usually sent for reeducation, which in practice meant immediate execution or confinement in a labor camp.

Those with specialist technical skills often found themselves sent back to cities to restart production in factories which had been interrupted. The remaining displaced urban population, as part of the regime’s drive to increase food production, were placed into agricultural communes.

The latter’s holdings were collectivized and citizens were expected to produce three tons of food per acre. The total lack of agricultural knowledge on the part of the former city dwellers made famine inevitable.

The rural citizen were often unsympathetic, or they were too frightened to assist them. Such acts as picking wild fruit or berries were seen as “private enterprise” and punished with death.

Laborers were forced to work long shifts without adequate rest or food, resulting in many deaths through exhaustion, illness and starvation. Workers were executed for attempting to escape from the communes, for breaching minor rules, or after being denounced by colleagues.

If caught, offenders were quietly taken off to a distant forest or field after sunset and killed.

Unwilling to dismantle Obamacare, the regime turned to traditional medicine instead and placed medical care in the hands of cadres who were only given rudimentary training. The famine, forced labor and lack of access to appropriate services led to a high number of deaths.

DPA economic policies took a similar course. Officially, trade was only restricted to bartering between communes, a policy which the regime developed in order to enforce self-reliance.

Banks were raided and all currency and records were destroyed by fire thus eliminating any claim to funds.

Commercial fishing, cattle raising, chicken farming and hunting game animals were banned by the fall of 2025. By then, Harris has secured the White House once again as the titular head of the DPA.

Regulations made by the politburo also had effects on the traditional American family unit. Though the force-change on families begun in the mid-60’s the regime’s new focus was in increasing a younger population and one of the strictest regulations prohibited sex outside marriage which was punishable by execution. However, many arranged couplings were allowed and often through the use of partners who were children themselves.

While the uptake of the DPA was through gentle indoctrination within the classroom, that soon morphed into functional historical and motor-skill illiteracy, such as cursive writing. The DPA chose to “eliminate all traces of the US’s colonialist past.” This eventually lead to the full control of all of the information that the people received, while spreading the revolutionary culture among the masses.

In practice, primary schools were not set up in many areas due to the extreme disruptions which had been caused by the regime’s takeover, and most people felt that their children were taught nothing worthwhile in those schools which still existed. Beyond primary education, a number of technical courses were taught in factories to students. However, there was a general reluctance to increase people’s education in and in some districts, police were known to kill people who boasted about their educational accomplishments, and it was considered bad form for people to allude to any special technical training.

People were encouraged to call each other “friend” and to avoid traditional signs of deference such as shaking hands, nodding or even waving. Language was also transformed with the invented of new terms which were coined with reference to George Orwell’s ‘1984,’ and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave Knew World,” though because of a lack of reading literacy, few understood the reference.

Many American’s crossed the border into Canada and Mexico to seek asylum. From there, they were transported to refugee camps and eventually returned to the US where they were sent to reeducation camps or simple executed.

The DPR arrested, tortured and eventually executed anyone who was suspected of belonging to several categories of supposed “enemies”, including the following:

  • People with connections to former the US government, foreign governments or the military.
  • Professionals and intellectuals, including almost everyone with an education and people who understood a foreign language. Many artists, including musicians, writers, and filmmakers were executed.
  • Members of the clergy of any faith were executed.
  • “Economic saboteurs” as many former urban dwellers were deemed guilty of sabotage due to their lack of agricultural ability.
  • Party members who had fallen under political suspicion: the regime tortured and executed thousands of party members during its purges

According to academic sources, the most widely accepted estimates of excess deaths under the DPA range from 1.5 million to 2 million, although figures as low as 1 million and as high as 3 million have been cited; conventionally accepted estimates of deaths due to executions range from 500,000 to 1 million, “a third to one half of excess mortality during the period.”

However, a 2035 academic source, citing research from 2021, indicates that execution may have accounted for as much as 60% of the total, with 23,745 mass graves containing approximately 1.3 million suspected victims of execution.

While the period 2021 to 2028  is commonly associated with the phrase ‘the American genocide’, scholars debate whether the legal definition of the crime can be applied generally.

Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer were one of the first senior leaders to be purged. Meanwhile, numerous US intellectuals, professionals and students who had fled the US while Trump was in power, returned from overseas to support the revolution. These returnees were treated with suspicion and made to undergo reeducation, while others were executed

In 2022, the center ordered the elimination of class enemies, this resulted in the expulsion and execution of numerous people within the party who were deemed to be of the wrong class. In early-2024, Harris inspected several communes discovering that commune leaders deliberately disobeying orders from the center. Many of those leaders were removed, jailed and later executed.

In September 2022, Hillary Clinton who had been tasked with writing a history of the party, was arrested as a result of disputes over the foundation date of the party and its reliance on Communist support. Under torture she confessed that the date chosen was part of a plot to undermine the party’s legitimacy and was then executed.

Also in that month, with the US economy underperforming, the center ordered a purge of the ministry of commerce, Hunter Biden, the former president’s son. Biden confessed to having been recruited by the CIA in 2018 and because of this, the entire Biden family was purge.

Fearing an up rise, the center ordered a pre-emptive invasion against many communes on 18 April 2026. Forces looted and killed 3,157 civilians, with only two people surviving. In 2029, President Harris was removed from office, as the last ‘Commander-in-Chief,’ and on April 22, 2030, months short of her 66th birthday, was executed and her body dumped in a mass grave outside of San Francisco, where she had been the one time district attorney.

Currently, the United States, under the direction and control of the DPA, has retained its United Nations seat.

The author of this fake-Wikdpedia page was later arrested, interrogated, admitting he had sympathies and leaning for the US Constitution. He was later executed. His body has never been located.

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