As the Dust Settles

After hours of searching, I cannot find any actual video footage of the Biden bus being stopped or attempted to be pushed off the road in New Brunsfels, Texas. (If I am missing it, please paste a link, because I haven’t seen it.)

What I do see is a small white car try to force a large black truck off the road, but the driver of the truck pushes the white car out of its lane. I think we are once again seeing a propaganda job, being told what to see, rather than allowing our eyes and brains to observe and seeing what really happened.

And I’m even using their footage because none of the social platforms are allowing an unedited copy of videos to be shared. When are we gonna turn off the unethical media and social media?

Also, note how quiet the media/social media has been about a US Spec Force operation that rescued an American citizen from terrorist/kidnappers a couple of days ago. Don’t want to let the current administration have any real ‘good’ press. I mean, God forbid that the truth be told by anyone in the news department.

To prove my point, I went to YouTube and the only US published video of the story comes from FOX News, and that ain’t saying much.

Are you tired of the bullshit, yet?

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