The Lonely Rock

My wife walks somewhere between 3 and five miles each day. She's developed three or four routes through our neighborhood that she follows depending on the length of her desired walk. One of these routes takes her by a home that has a beautiful garden in the spring and summer months. By fall and into … Continue reading The Lonely Rock


Last night as I walked my dog, I looked up into the heavens, admired the stars, pondered the creation of the universe and I wondered to myself: what are the lyrics to ‘Blinded By The Light?’

Nevada Maintains Deaf Ear to Brothels

Thousands of employees in Nevada lost their jobs when businesses shut down mid-March. While most other industries have been able to resume some level of operations, Gov. Steve Sisolak has indicated that the state’s brothels are “not on his radar” to reopen. Services allowing physical contact around the state have been allowed to resume service, … Continue reading Nevada Maintains Deaf Ear to Brothels

Awake Now

“Who would be calling at two in the morning?” his wife hissed as she reached for the phone. Awake now, he listened. “What?!” she exclaimed. “How should I know – we live 400 miles away from the ocean!” She slammed down the phone. “Who was that?” her husband asked. “Some woman,” she answered. “Well, what … Continue reading Awake Now

The Blonde started crying after the doctor told her she was going to have twins. He tried to console her asking, "Are you not happy about having twins?" "It's not that," she answered. "It's that I don't know who the second father is."


Our daughter-in-law is an operator for Lyft and Uber. Yesterday afternoon she was driving by the Grand Sierra Hotel/Casino in Reno, Nevada when she saw only a portion of the property’s electronic billboard. From her vantage point all she could see for the few seconds she had to read the billboard were the words, “Rest … Continue reading Trebeck

Aggregated Headlines from Various News Outlets

We're being told to ignore was what our eyes see, our ears hear, and our gut instinct screams by the propagandized news corporations and social media, and I am sick of it... • Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—Most Were Trump Votes • Arizona Voters File Suit to Restore Their Ballots Cancelled Over … Continue reading Aggregated Headlines from Various News Outlets

Bumped into a mannequin and said, “Excuse me.” After realizing it was a mannequin, I laughed, saying, “Thought you were a real person.” Then I realized I was still talking to the mannequin as it it were a living person.  This is a whole new level of weird – even for me.

PA Woman Contradicts DHS Website

The deep state is so deep that not even the information Department of Homeland Security has put out on their government website is free of the label, ‘propaganda.’ Following the links given to #PROTECT2020 RUMOR VS. REALITY you will see clearly this posting: Reality: Election officials provide writing instruments that are approved for marking ballots … Continue reading PA Woman Contradicts DHS Website

Note of Record Regarding the US 2020 Election

After citing a clerical error, Fairfax, Virginia switched 100,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Meanwhile, all of the precincts in North Carolina have Trump leading and state officials refuse to call the election. Wisconsin suddenly discovered over 112 thousand Biden ballots between 3:30 am and 4:30 am, further the state now has more votes than … Continue reading Note of Record Regarding the US 2020 Election