While standing on the sidewalk, waving goodbye to my wife as she drove off to work, this tall guy, in an all black robe, hood hiding his face, and carrying a long-handled walking-stick in his right hand, suddenly appeared from nowhere behind me.

It’s been a long-time since I’ve seen a man wearing a bathrobe, so I’m guessing they’re coming back in style. Anyway, he kind of creeped me out, because I didn’t see him or hear him and worse yet was the chilled-vibe I got off the guy as he jus’ stood there all quiet.

As I took a sip of coffee, I heard him say something about him being ‘deaf.’ I told him that I was sorry about that and yet he simply stood there without saying another thing.

Being a bit unnerved, and the smart-ass I am, I said, “Don’t worry I have a hard time hearing, too. You can ask my wife.”

Nothing. Silence. Cold.

So with a quick wave, I left the guy standing at the end of the driveway and I went inside to warm up and get more coffee. I haven’t seen the fella since and am hoping he wasn’t lost or something.

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