The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s 39-year-old daughter Ashley wrote in her journal that she “was probably molested,” including taking a shower with her father (Joe) as a pre-teen or young teenager. The screen-grab, from National File, said that there exists an audio recording of Ashley  admitting this is her diary.

Fortunately for her and her recovery from substance abuse, n one is waiting for that ‘shoe to drop,’ however this comes on the heels of a number of reports of Hunter Biden having been filmed in compromising positions with young women. It’s alleged that Hunter has thousands of naked pictures of his then teenaged niece Natalie Biden on his now-recovered laptop.

It now appears as if he was having sex with his sister-in-Law Hallie Biden before and after his brother Beau died, and there are emails in which the sister-in-law/mistress Hallie is complaining to Hunter about his inappropriate activities with her daughter, who is Hunter’s blood niece Natalie, who was 14 at the time.

This means Hunter was sexually involved simultaneously with his sister-in-Law and his pubescent blood niece. As for her part, Hallie Biden reportedly told both Jill and Joe Biden that if Hunter did not stay away from Natalie, she would go to the police.

Her threat must have worked, as there are no reports nor arrest of Hunter made public since the story of the recovered hard-drives broke earlier in October.

Another child with thousands of photos on Hunter’s laptop (at least eight young girls outside the Biden family feature prominently on the laptop) is Senator Chris Coons’ daughter, Maggie. She is already recognizable as the teen girl in the photo with Joe Biden nuzzling and kissing her at her father’s swearing-in.

The photo, a frame extracted from a January 2015 video taken during the ceremony, has been shared thousands of time, if not more, on the Internet, via various social media platforms.  Coon’s has since stated that Maggie, who was 13 at the time, “doesn’t think the vice president is creepy.”

There are also videos of a Hunter smoking crack while having sex with a Chinese actress, supplied to him by the CCP. The next round to drop is said to be of Hunter sexually abusing pre-pubescent Chinese girls, almost certainly trafficked sex slaves.

While it’s true that the majority of this is being leaked from China, the FBI has known about it for well over a year now.


3 thoughts on “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

  1. I finally looked at the photo’s of the young girls, under 18 years, and the women over 18 that Hunter Biden is having sexual relations with……..people and photo’s don’t lye ” thefeministwriter” . Were you one of them and are now jealous for not being photographed.? It is now 04/2021, and we now know of more of many more notches on Hunter’s gun, such as having sex with his 14 year old niece and her mother at the same time, and with Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of the criminal Obama, who bankrupted many American’s with many decisions, but mainly the useless “ObamaCare” . I can at least smile, that there is some pay back, and we know there is more to be learned about the Biden Mafia Family, and what Joe Biden practiced and permitted his children to do (Daughter & Sons). Oh how filthy the Biden’s are, but our classless democrats will continue to stick together like glue, because DC is a terrible city where your job and sex is all kept as part of working in Washington DC. How many illegal children do the Biden’s have blood lines with ? After all, Hillary’s daughter Chelsia , is not Bill Clinton’s child. I know who is daddy, but you must ask crooked Hillary to lie again ?


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