Solenoid Switch

Twice now, I’ve sneezed and it feels like I’ve ripped something from the back of my smoke-parched throat. I do this after learning that the President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19.

“Well, folks, that there is the election,” my wife has pronounced.

Meanwhile, someplace in the back of my mind I hear an MSM talking-head gloat that the First Couple are with the disease.

My wife has gone to work, a ‘lunch lady’ we joke, but she’s good like that. Me? I wanna close my eyes, sleep and dream.

But there are sheets and towels to wash and later, beds to make. 12 minutes left in the cycle.

As I await their completion, I’ve turned on our sprinkler system. Section 5 hasn’t been working for the last couple of months and is finally fixed after replacing a burned out solenoid switch.

The poor grass is dry and dying, yet I allow myself to be hypnotized by the rotating sprinklers. Round and round they go, reminding me of playing in the water as a kid.

The image shifts and now I think of my favorite horror character; Cthulhu. But wait! There are no leather wings and then I think of a gigantic spider, a tarantula, one infused with radiation and on the hunt for human blood.

Better yet, I imagine the spinning spray of an Esther William’s movie. I visualize her, in all her fabulous technicolor glory, rising slowly from the center of the water-wheel and gracefully raising her arms above her head and plunging into the…

My poor grass, once so lush that I could lay in it, now dry and dying. Esther Williams has disappeared between the yellow-brown tufts of grass.

I cough.

My throat feels raw from sneezing and now I’ve begun coughing. Hell of a way to start the day as I burble a gulp of hot coffee all over the table.

The washing machine calls for my attention with it’s melodic tone, one I once mistook for my cellphone’s ringer. Answering ones cellphone doesn’t help get the wash into the drier, but it is worth a snicker.

Answering that other call, the sheets are in the drier and I’m sipping another mouthful of coffee. It occurs to me that I ought to go dance in the sprinklers before it gets too late.

Gosh, my coffee tastes great and Esther is such wonderful company.

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