My Penny a Pound

The rioting violence in Louisville, Kentucky is predicated on media lies, perpetuating a false narrative which is being used by anarchists to create societal chaos.

The media claimed that the police executed a ‘no-knock warrant,’ which is a lie. The fact is that they knocked and announced themselves for so long and so loud that neighbors began to wonder what all noise was.

The media also claimed that the police were at the wrong house or address, but that’s a lie, too. They were knocking on Taylor’s door in part because in 2016 police found the dead body of Fernandez Bowmen in the trunk of a vehicle that was rented by Taylor.

Taylor was also collecting and stashing her boyfriends drug money. Her name was on the warrant and there was an additional warrant to search her car.
She’s on jailhouse recordings talking about dealing drugs with her boyfriend. Also, she wasn’t an EMT at time of her death, having been fired in 2017 for selling drugs from the back of an ambulance.

Finally, this same media claimed she was in bed, asleep, when she was shot but that’s also a lie. She was in the hallway next to her boyfriend when he fire on a police officer. Officers fired back in self-defense, striking her either because of her proximity to the shooter or because she’d become an unwilling human-shield.

Do not believe everything the media is reporting. Do your own independent fact-checking.

One thought on “My Penny a Pound”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this. Sometimes it takes work and a little time to do the fact-checking, but it’s better to know for sure in the end! Being a critical thinker is a scary thing, but again, better in the end. Thank you so much for posting!

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