Burn Out

Over the last 185 days of self-isolation, social distancing and collections of face masks, I’ve watched as my blog readership has dropped off. I did the unusual things to help refresh interest, like slowing my daily postings, changing the name of my blog, reformatting and even changing subjects.

None of it helped.

Finally, I stepped back and looked over the entire situation: people are simply suffering burn-out when it comes to visiting blogs and other media platforms. After all, there is only so much we can take in before our mind begins to shutdown or search for other avenues of ‘escapism.’

So with all this in mind, I have concluded that the only thing I can do is continue writing and posting to keep my mental health on track. Perhaps by returning to my own ‘normalcy’ of writing and posting as often as I like, I will be helping someone else come into their own ‘normalcy.’

With all this, I say screw ‘new normal,’ the ‘old normal’ was never really busted…

5 thoughts on “Burn Out”

  1. I’m in contact (following) many worthwhile blogs; however, to keep my e-mail from a tsunami of entries, I changed my preferences to a weekly notification of postings. Some very good authors, (including you) may sometimes mean I have to play “catch-up” but it does not mean I’m not viewing the page.

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  2. I think part of it is so many people started a damn blog back in March when the stats were poppin’. Now people are like “BURN DOWN THE GOVERNMENT” stage.

    Also, I like looking at some of my old posts and feeling good about how much better I am at all this now. Maybe that could be a fun thing?

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  3. I so agree, Tom, screw the “new” normal. I despise that stupid term. Things are still the same generally speaking. I’ve altered my post schedule to uploading every 1.5 to 2 hours instead of rapid-fire blogging. I still remove on average about 6 spam or business blogs from my list every single day. I haven’t seen a significant change in daily views though.

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  4. I considered unfollowing when you identified yourself as a Trump supporter, but then I thought about all your good content and I was like “Nah, maybe he’ll come up with some more epic stuff.” You’re actually the only person I’m really following on WordPress right now. I dunno, but that might be relevant to why you lost some followers. At least you aren’t a QAnon follower, so I was like “Sure, I’ll keep going.”

    When I worked at Publix we were encouraged (Required) to hold conversations with customers, but three topics were forbidden. Sports, politics and religion. Apparently these were things that start conflicts and you’re supposed to give people a warm fuzzy feeling so they come back because of the “customer service.”

    I dunno if this comment helps, but I figure it you stray into at least 2 of these fields, politics or religion, you lose followers. So many people are anti-Trump lately that this might be a part of it? It depends on what your goals are though. Sometimes my goal is to get rid of followers and destroy my own reputation just so people forget about me and the agenda I try to accomplish. There is a method to the madness, and I’ve gotten very good at it. When you destroy your own reputation you have control over the lies you use and you have all the power as opposed to someone sabotaging you… Plus it gives bad guys a reason to trust you in the future so they leave you alone, and no one sees “the tower” (tarot card) coming.

    However in your case I assume your point isn’t to lose followers or weed out the ones you don’t want. Therefore I simply offer this advice that posting about politics or religion is a good way to lose followers. If you’re concerned with the quantity it’s a topic worthwhile to avoid.

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