Sisolak Will Be Reelected

Unless there’s an act of God or an implosive scandal within his administration, Nevada’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak will be re-elected to a second term. And since he won’t be on the ballot until 2022, it all come’s down to time and seats.

Senate terms are four years, but every two years, half are up for election (and not all senate seats will all be up for election at once.) The state has 21 state senators and right now there are 13 Democrats and 8 Republicans in the state senate, putting Republicans in the minority.

The Nevada State Assembly has 42 seats, which are on the ballot every two years. Currently, Republicans only hold 14 seats making them the minority here as well.

There isn’t time enough between now and 2022 for Republicans to change the balance of seats in both the Senate and Assembly. Further, the geopolitics of those leaving California and Oregon for Nevada is turning the state a deeper shade of blue, with Mineral and Douglas counties becoming dominantly Democratic, joining Clark and Washoe.

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