Drywall, Dirty Wookies and Electrical Storms

Work, work, work. Been out in the garage busting through drywall in order to put in a new electrical outlet. I don’t get to do the work as Mary has someone she’s had do work at her old job, coming out to install it. Ain’t gonna see me crying about not having to do extra construction.

She’s also lined up someone to insulate and hang drywall in the garage. No crying over that either. I am laughing though, as I wanted to do this shit back when we were younger and had the body for such work. Her reasons are different from mine. She’s wanting it done to keep her new freezer from getting warm.

Don’t see the irony in that? Hmm…

Gripped a slab of drywall and yanked on it and ended up breathing in a bunch of the dust and plaster. Choked off my airway. I finally laughed and when I did, I blew a big white puff of crap out my mouth. That made both my wife and our house guests laugh till they retired to house. So glad I could make their day.

Got up after both woman and when I came out to get a cup of coffee, first there was no more and I had to make some, and second my wife, while attempting to pay me a compliment, said, “You look like a young Ernest Hemingway.”

I smiled, responding, “So I look like death warmed over, huh?” making them both laugh.

Decided to take a quick shower while the coffee was running through it’s second brew. Got finished, dried and dressed, only to come back out and find all the coffee was gone. I must have had a confounded look of stupidity on my face, because no sooner did turn around and look at the two all-too innocent looking women at the dining table, they started busting a gut laughing.

“Good one,” I said as they showed me the extra large cup in which one of them pour the full pot of coffee into.

I did not share.

It’s not often that I get to use my sophomoric radio humor on someone other than Mary. In most cases she simply looks at me with that eye roll that says, “Oh, christ…” so it is nice to have a fresh audience, which is what Cathy makes.

Since we’re her way-station, she’s been busy with the process of packing away supplies for her trip to the cabin. To wit: Cathy filled two large plastic bottles of water and as she carried them to her room, where Mary’s new freezer is residing, I said in my best barroom voice, “Nice jugs.”

Without missing a beat, Cathy held both up and stated, “And they’re Diamonds.”

I looked at the blue printing and by god, she was right. They are diamonds and we both fell about the place, laughing. Mary admonished us in a half-assed and laughing way, “You two.”

Got laundry to wash, dry and fold before lunch. Perhaps there’s a cold Guinness in my future.

With the white clothes washed, dried and put away, the three of us went to lunch. Chili’s. I had the chili burger, fries and a beer. A Dirty Wookie. Never had one of those before and it was good, not a Guinness good, but good none-the-less. There was so much food in front of me, along with the chips and dip, and Mary’s corn on the cob, and my beer, that I had a lot to eat.

“You need to clean your plate, young man,” our waitress ordered. I was hoping that she was smiling when she said this.

“Aye-aye,” I grinned and proceeded to do exactly that. As a seated customer, I didn’t have my mask on.

It wasn’t until we were in another shopping center that I realized that I forgot to collect my gold star for being a good boy, by eating everything on my plate. Thank you, Cathy, for lunch. I enjoyed it. I’m beginning to feel popular again as this is the second time this week that I’ve been out to a sit-down restaurant.

I am still so full!

As I sat in the car waiting for Mary and Cathy to return from the candy store they shopping at, I was watching the parking lot. Lots of women with gorgeous bodies, too bad everyone of their face masks were up and I could seen nothing more than eyes and eyebrows. Too bad. Can’t help but think about the March 1979 Bellamy Brother’s song, “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me.” They said nothing, absolutely nothing, about faces and that works for me.

We are planning to barbecue some steaks this evening. It looks like I’ll be doing this under threatening skies, thunderclouds again and a flash flood warning. Don’t expect to see much flooding or that much rain for the matter. But that light show should be spectacular through the smoky grill’s chimney.

Lord, lord, lord, I am miserable as I ate far too much today. Lunch should have been my last full meal, but them Mary made and served her chicken enchilada’s and Spanish rice. I couldn’t refuse. Now I sitting around, and I do mean around, with my jeans undone and passing gas. Good thing I’m in the other room at the moment.

As we were cleaning up following dinner, my wife and her friend started talking about Cathy having to use an outside at this cabin. Listening to the conversation I think there is a homemade commode inside to use if needed.

“I don’t want to go out there after night because I don’t want to run into any wild animals,” Cathy said, “I mean a deer is fine but a bear or a cougar, no.”

Couldn’t help myself and responded, “Well, if it’s a cougar then — that would mean there are two cougars out there.”

Laughter all around.

The garage has two new electrical outlets. Cost 120-bucks. Not bad I guess. Another case of irony is the guy putting the electric works, did so during a lightning storm. Perhaps I’m the only one that see the humor in that, proving how odd my mind is.

As for that storm, it caused some problems for the folks on the east side of our valley, the Wingfield Springs area, by causing a pretty good sized wildfire. This is the second blaze they’ve had in the last couple of weeks.

Rushed down to the end of our road and did my best to video tape it with my cellphone, but while I could see the orange flames dancing jus’ over the top of some trees, they didn’t show up in the capture. All I really got was smoke. Smoke is never as exciting as the sizzle or the flame.

Seeing how this ‘stream of consciousness’ stuff’s being received in a lukewarm fashion tells me that I may have to change up what and how I write. I’m gonna give it another day as I brainstorm and sort things out.

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