West of West

A friend came to me and asked, “What do you think of Kanye West for President?”

“Not on your life!” I answer.

She frowns at me as if I said something wrong, “What does that mean?”

“It means,” I say, a bit too defensively, “Did you see what he and Kim were wearing in that recent photo shoot from their ranch in Montana?”

“Yeah,” she responds, “So?”

“It’s a working ranch,” I return, “And those clothes are not good for working in and shows a lack of common sense. I don’t want a President, or First Lady for that matter, who have no common sense when it comes to working cows or a ranch.”

“Oh,” she says completely without resolve.

“What? Did you think I’d object to him because of his skin-color?” I smile, already certain of the answer.

“Well…” she starts her thought.

“Thought that’s what you thought,” I interrupt.

“Guess that makes me look like the one whose…” she begins.

“Prejudice?” I cut her off, a little harsher than I meant.

“Yeah,” she says, sounding ashamed of herself.

She’s left of center, I’m right of center and we’re still learning how to remain civil about politics and society.

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