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It’d been several weeks since the latest international crisis had begun. Now over, Charlene and Will needed desperately escape their home, their place of confinement.

After spending a week dining, dancing and spa-ing, the couple returned home.

Following dinner the next evening, Will came down with a massive ache on the left side of his head. Two-days later, he sought medical aid.

His usual doctor could find nothing wrong, offering only a pain med and the name of a specialist. By day four, Will lay in their bed, with the room darkened to prevent the shooting pain daylight brought.

Not wanting to, but finding it necessary, Charlene began changing out their bed linen. She discovered, not only spots of dried blood, but a hole in his pillow case.

“Seems heavy, to me.”

Taking it, Will agreed as he began examined it. It was then that he discovered the large lump inside.

Pulling the case apart, Will rooted through the batting and pulled an insect from it. The black-brown thing wiggled violently, trying to escape, exposing a lengthy proboscis and an explanation for the blood spots.

“Lucky it found your pillow and didn’t hatch inside your head,” the university’s entomologist said.

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