Woman in White, Part 2

Throughout the next 60 days, the woman in white appeared and then disappeared. In her wake she left left nurses and doctors sick and fighting for their lives. She did likewise to law enforcement officers, paramedics and firefighters.

So many places, a woman, acting as if she were there to help, could go and so many places she could spread her disease. But then, the unthinkable for her happened.

At first, all children were immune to the virus as she spread it from one place to another. However, she could not protect them from the virulent sickness as it struck. one child after another, down.

She screamed as the first of the children were taken to the morgue, never to breathe again. She screamed louder when she watched the woman she called ‘sister,’ accept their small bodies to her bosom.

She returned to her old ways for a week, perhaps two. Then, she returned with a vengeance that seemed as strong as her hatred for what she’d done centuries before.

Determined to prevent any more children from dying, she focused solely on the elderly. They dropped by the hundred in her deathly wake.

He were taken in to the arms of the lady she had once call ‘sister.’

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