Axe Man, Part 1

Throughout his twelve short and unexciting 12 -years of life, Toby Blodgett, slang for Tobermory, had always wanted to be a murder cop, a homicide investigator, and at the very least, an armchair detective. And happily for him, his father, a pipe-fitter, had little understanding of the computer, the world of Internet, its world-wide-web and the ability to search out most any information on any subject at any time, day or night.

It was an article that intrigued him and Toby took off researching, searching, and learning all he could about the disappearance and possible death of Cynthia ‘Lulubelle’ Simms-DeWitt in 1997, nearly 11-years before Toby was born.

According to a report, her Subaru was found parked nose-down in a ditch along side a desolate Nevada ranch road, near the town of Caliente. Her driver’s side door was open, the rear view mirror ripped from the post on the windshield and on the floor, the front seat covered in blood.

Authorities quickly discovered that the blood wasn’t human. It was that of a dog.

Lulubelle was known to have a Jack Russell Terrier named ‘Frank,’ with her. However, there was no sign of the woman.

Toby would later learn from another article that the dog, presumed to be Frank, was found lying dead and ‘crow-picked two rises away.’ The entire idea of the dog’s death left his stomach turned and sick.

But Toby knew he had to swallow-down the bile and press on if he intended to solve the case.

In 1997, law enforcement believed a man had been prowling the back roads of Nevada for at least three-years, murdering women. Four of the women were transients and the fifth, a rancher’s wife.

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