Shaken not Stirred

UPDATE: US-95 is now open.

Because of my ongoing battle with insomnia, I wasn’t in a deep sleep when it happened. As it did occur, I thought perhaps my wife was rolling over roughly or maybe both dogs had decided to re-situate themselves at the same time.

I was wrong on both counts…

What began as a rolling jerk, ended with a harsh crack coming from somewhere deep in the earth. This was the result of a magnitude 6.5 quake that occurred at 4:03 am, some 35 miles east of Tonopah, Nevada, a rough couple of hundred miles (as the crow flies) north of Spanish Springs, where we live.

So far, very little damage has been reported, other than on US 95, between Coaldale and Mina, after a large fracture was found crossing all lanes of the highway. The road, a main link between Reno and Las Vegas, is closed for the time being as repairs are made.

And thankfully, no injuries or deaths resulted from the ground’s upheaval.

By the way, my wife believes she was also awake at the time, remembering the shaking because she thought I was having another night-terror. As for our dogs, while we were shaking, neither of the little shits stirred a muscle.

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