Waxing Political

It’s been a long time (at least seven-years) since anyone has considered me a reporter, journalist, or what have you. It’s also been a long time since I’ve written anything about politics, though that’s how I made my ‘bread and butter,’ in the past.

But then, a former ‘source’ has reached out to me, saying how they’ve overheard from various Congressional staffers that Speaker Pelosi is giving ‘special consideration’ to Governors for a continued effort to prolong their state’s shutdowns until November. We concluded that while neither of us know what a ‘special consideration’ might be in this case, we did agree that the idea ‘to prolong’ shutdowns are to cripple or destroy the US economy, using this against the Trump reelection campaign.

Afterward, I got to thinking: could this be the reason why, here in Nevada, so many people, including myself, after fifty-plus days of a state mandated shut-down, are still unable to access our state’s unemployment services via the telephone and have yet to actually see a penny of our unemployment benefits?

8 thoughts on “Waxing Political”

  1. The 1918 shutdowns lasted a very long time – but they weren’t unilaterally enforced in all areas. We travel so much now that preventing the spread of Covid is hard… and the economic burden is worse now that few of us have farms or gardens to live off of “just in case”.

    Still, based off what Robbie Cheadle says, better off than South Africa!

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  2. The impeachment didn’t work for them, so now the Dems are using the pandemic to try and take Trump and the country down. That sure sounds like treason to me.

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  3. Your country is ill. Everyone who qualified had to apply here. They broke it down into categories so the entire country wasn’t applying the same day. I think the cheques were deposited directly into each person’s bank account within a few days.
    I’m retired. I get other benefits. Sorry but you people have to do something.
    Frankly I’m tired of hearing about it! Good luck.

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  4. Shaking head NO! Geez that was the first thing our Prime Minister thought of. All unemployed citizens qualify. The cheques came almost immediately after.

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