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It’d been several weeks since the latest international crisis had begun. Now over, Charlene and Will needed desperately escape their home, their place of confinement. After spending a week dining, dancing and spa-ing, the couple returned home. Following dinner the next evening, Will came down with a massive ache on the left side of his … Continue reading Thread Count


Salamander Surprise

"Jus' be careful when you go down by the creek." "Is the water deep?" "No." "Fast, then?" "Don't think so." "Cold?" "Probably." "Then why the warning?" "The salamander." "You've got to be kidding?!" "No, I'm not." "Okay." That damned salamander was twice the size of a gator and it swallowed him in one gulp.

Waking Thought

Way too much of this, A bit too much of that, Not enough in between Left my waters muddled. And not a drop was had. So what the hell gives! Shit that is head-trapped, Bouncing from ear-to-ear, Top to bottom inside-out. Maybe those bad memories. Perhaps not enough sleep. Must write it all down.


The Objects sat in the quiet space of the gods and the plains of baser thought. "Let's be quick, before we are medicated," whispered Reason. Loneliness and Sadness swept through and were gone, making their energies known. "There is nothing quick about any of this," Elder Object said. Then Middle Object protested, “Why must we … Continue reading Objects

Home Away

The hamlet, with even cobblestone paths, manicured lawns, trimmed hedges and perfect facades, is idyllic. Flowers bloom everywhere and not one vehicle is in the street. The air breathes of vanilla-bean, baked-bread, lemon-drops, ocean breezes, and I’m confused, lost. A woman walks up, “Hello, dear, how did you get here?” “I’m not sure,” I answer, … Continue reading Home Away

New Aged Kimchi

The mass of devotees doxolized the antediluvian chant, “...and in the mighty glory of...” “STOP IT NOW!” rumbled the primordial being, with vigorous disgust. “Dark One?” questioned the acolyte. “LET US CUT TOO THE CHASE.” “Pardon?” “ALL OF THIS IS NONSENSE.” “But the ancient liturgy?” “FORGET IT!” “But...” "AM I NOT THE ALL-POWERFUL DARK ONE?" … Continue reading New Aged Kimchi

The pessimist sees a dark tunnel, the optimist sees a light at the end of that tunnel, the realist sees a train on the tracks of that tunnel, the train's engineer sees three idiots standing on those tracks.