One thought on “Underworld”

  1. I get the gross concept behind your conspiracy theory, but I do not understand the details. Is it because the judge of the dead is not a worthy role in our times? It seems more relevant now than ever–so wouldn’t, if anything, Pluto should have been UPgraded? That would have been morbid, though, so there are many takes on the whole thing.

    I graduated high school in 2006, as a side note. It feels like just yesterday that Pluto was downgraded, and yet eons ago since school. Is that odd? They happened at the same time! That is odd, isn’t it.

    In more side notes, my youngest brother got me a shirt that reads “[image of pluto]… Never Forget” Hah! Cool, right? He almost killed dad recently and moved out. Our mom got in the way of the two of them to stop the fight while I smoked my anxiety disorder out in the yard. I know many would say it’s pathetic, as the oldest brother LIVING with the two of them, that I didn’t do more to stop the both of them, but honestly, at the time I could not have cared had they beaten the shit out of each other.

    Ugh. I dunno. I’m too cool with death. I’ve got to wise up. I enjoy morbid things and perhaps I really… am? Just cool with death, I mean. shrugs

    Thanks for writing! I love your blog and style, have for a little while now!

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