Free Association Whiskey and Writing

Not even 10 minutes ago I was falling asleep while reading, put down the book, turned off my light and BLAM-O, I’m wide awake, my single piston brain firing away for all it is worth. I have no idea what in the hell this is all about.

So, I’m up writing and working on my third shot of whiskey since sunset…

Now to the real meat of my mind; writing. I thought about quitting it altogether, but I don’t think I can because it has been a part of my life for so long it would be like cutting off a part of my body. Here, take my pecker instead, I don’t use it save for a pee-straw and I think we have a couple of real plastic straws (not the paper one’s you get in California) in one of the kitchen cabinets that I can substitute for that thing.

Wait, another sip is needed…

Since not writing is an unacceptable stance to take, I think how about simply writing everything into one of the several spiral notebook I’ve got stashed away in this house. Maybe, maybe not.

Then I think: how about no longer writing stories and instead doing something like a ‘live journal.’ That’s an idea worth considering – I mean I am not getting famous, nor am I getting rich plying words to a blog – so why not write nonsense shit throughout the day and take some of the pressure of developing a story each time I wanna post something.

Let me have another taste for good measure…

Honestly, writing comes pretty easy for me as I have, in my effed-up manic-depressive, PTSD’d brain, idea upon idea of stories rolling around. It’s jus’ I don’t always have the energy or desire to pull them out my ass and set them to computer font (which is Liberation Serif 12.)

It’s been like this all my life and I can’t curtail it now. If I did, I am afraid I’d have a complete melt down because it is the ability to let words free flow, like they are now, that keeps me in the half-sane state of half-assed confusion I’ve managed to carve out in this juncture of my life.

Excuse me as I…ahh…

Yeah, that ‘Live Journal’ idea is sounding more and more like the way to go. Practical, no plot lines, no work-in-progress, no main characters…’cept little ol’ egotistical me.

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