So Very

At a distance, he looked old, bent, off-balance. Up close, not much changed about him, save for what he hauled on his back: a metal lawn chair. It was loaded with a bed roll, a cooking pan and a canteen, that swung precariously from the left corner of the chair. He had fashioned a set … Continue reading So Very



A Crowned Lady Parades sadly Through cities, Into hills, And valleys, Beyond the Southern Cross. She prays fervently And all I do is Touch my forehead, My stomach My shoulders. Up to down, Left and right, As if condemned. Perhaps I should Be more afraid But strangely I find myself calm Or the waking dead. … Continue reading If

My Body, Right?

"I don't wanna wear a mask when I go out," he said. "But you have to do it to protect other peoples lives," she retorted. "You mean like how you aborted your baby last year?" he asked. "Hey, my body, my choice," she screamed. "Exactly!" he snorted.


Though I'm not a fan of honey, I'm not allergic to it, nor am I allergic to a bee's sting, though I was stung more than a hundred times once. But I am allergic to the hive and it's droning ever on.

Hard Up

If I were a betting man, and I'm not, I think most 'social isolating' men in the US are so hard up for current sports programming, that they'd watch foreign soccer matches, even if they didn't understand a word being said. Best bring on the beer and chips, if they do.

Those Few

Last night, I went to the grocery store. When the cashier asked me how I was doing, I answered, "I'm doing great!" "And how about you, how are you doing?" I asked in return. He answered, and then following a minor pause thanked me for asking 'because so few people do.'

Spreading More Than Yellow Journalism

Two Los Angeles Times reporters are traveling throughout rural California, (including Crescent City, Del Norte County, where I grew up,) filing news stories about how people are dealing with COVID-19. So, imagine coming from a heavily populated area with a number of infected and deaths to small towns where they're not seeing the same numbers. … Continue reading Spreading More Than Yellow Journalism

View from Above

NASA’s $1 billion Juno spacecraft completed its eleventh trip around the planet Jupiter, sending back a bunch of new pictures, and yet no one could maintain the camera in Jeffery Epstein's New York jail cell.


In 2006, NASA downgraded Pluto, which is named for the Roman god of the underworld and judge of the dead, from a regular planet to a dwarf planet. Not to be a full-on conspiracy theorist -- but it kinda makes sense now why all this shit's happening.

Yellow Pee

I'm tired of drinking water only -- and all day long, jus' to have my pee remain yellow. Also tired of my wife yelling at me, telling me to quit eating the finger paints. I already ran out of the body paints. When all the paints are gone, I'm gonna start on the Elmer's Glue.

Asked my wife that when this 'self-isolation' stuff is over, could I take her out on a date. She said, 'Sure,' and gave me a fake phone number.

Quickly becoming my dogs. Get yelled at for getting too close to strangers, falling asleep on the couch at all hours, wandering pointlessly about the house both day and night, getting excited about car rides, constantly searching for food and staring out the windows.