Why Self-isolation Fails

I admit it…
I failed at self-isolation today
But I was not alone
I ran into a friend
A retired Marine
He jus’ returned from China
He was out and about, like me
He told me this tale

How he flew out of China
Without being checked for Wuhan Flu
Landing in Taiwan and had his temperature taken
He passed
Flew into Sea-Tac and left the airport
Without being checked
Landing in Las Vegas
No one stopped him
No one questioned him
No one took his temperature
And no symptoms after two-weeks

Me: You’re fucking kidding me
Him: No, I fucking kid you not

So, here he is walking about Reno
Failing at self-isolation, like me
Yet, I’m out of work
My wife is out of work
My son and daughter-in-law, out of work
Grocery store shelves empty
Businesses labeled non-essential
Businesses closed
Gas lines longer than usual
Neighbors unemployed
Governments enforcing restrictions
But only on us who are at home
Us, who are living with social distancing
Possible jail time and fines
No wonder I’m pissed off

We are being lied too
He agrees

3 thoughts on “Why Self-isolation Fails”

  1. Yeah..Lied to.. absolutely.. Schools cancelled, yet.. allState and Public – ( Govt ) remain paid, working from home? Right?, No travel- yet your fellow there?, that you referenced? Did NOT get checked? , none of this adds up to me.. each year, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems die, in fact..Is like to see THAT headcount for winter 2020… utter insanity- the origins of which make me distrust the Govt. more each day.. 1 death in Oregon- 70 year old Veteran in institutional setting? God Bless his family. My grandmother died the same way, viral infection.. it’s not uncommon.. til now.. In 56 years? Nothing has shut down the US like this.. not even 9/11? When you figure out WHATs really taking place? Please share.. Im housebound with 3 grandkids, thier mom can’t work unless I’m here, her hours are cut.. it’s been one week.. any ideas / guesses on how long it will be until Marshall law is directed? For our “ protection “, I’m sure..


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