Imaginary Nevada: March 18, 1920

With a stick of dynamite and a length of fuse tucked in his saddle bag, Brady rode out to the pilings, where he’d encountered what he now knew to be dinosaurs. He walked around the one pile, searching for a possible explanation as to what had happened that night, but he could find nothing.

He explored the other piling, the one closest to the rocky hillside, and again found nothing. As he roamed between the pilings, he surveyed the shale-like ground beneath his boots.

He noticed a shape hidden in the rocky sand, which he cleared away. It took him only a couple of minutes to chip a large, sharp and very pointed claw, that like an eagle’s talon, only several times larger, from the hardened earth.

Holding it in his hand, Brady shuddered, before slipping it into his saddle bag and withdrawing the dynamite and fuse. He gouged out a crack in the base of the piling furthest from the hillside and placed the explosive in it.

Having already inserted the fuse into the stick, he uncoiled it to it’s full length before striking a match to it. Brady raced as quickly as he could to where he had ground tethered his horse and waited.

It wasn’t long before the destructive explosion sent the piling to the ground. He wandered over to the a heap, feeling certain he’d broken the place’s spell.

As he mounted his horse, he made eye contact with a coyote which sat quietly watching him.

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