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  1. Can someone tell me what happened to the Eagle Canyon Flyer WordPress site? There’s an indexed obituary for Tom Anderson from 2018 that I want to read — but it appears that the author deleted the website.


  2. I still like my mother slapping me when I disserved it, sure got my attention and back to focus and look at me now. Not traumatized and thankfull to her.
    There is one more way to kill a cat as they say, and is in my way not saying and giving a smack here and there once in a while when the kids needs to be discplined. Now a days it is torture I guess, although torture is still around…..

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  3. This parent raised his son in a disciplined environment. That never included beatings, but a whack on the butt or a slap across the face were used, sparingly. He understood completely and is grateful for the limits we put on him, throughout his childhood.

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