The Fly Away

It was difficult to tell if I was seeing things or if what I was seeing was real. He was a stalk of a man, thin in every respect of the word, and tall. Around his middle was a large circular frame, draped in what appeared to be parachute silk. The frame was strapped to … Continue reading The Fly Away



until today, my summer coat without buttons, our burn barrel fires and a few hand-outs have been enough to survive this pandemic. then an essential government garbage truck dumped, crushed, hauled away the non-essential man like so much refuse, that now, even little red riding hood admits life is darkest from inside the wolf. we’ve … Continue reading Dumped


We had built up a sizable bond-fire. Everyone was laughing, talking and drinking. Then a light from high in the sky flashed on. It exposes the revelers in its massive illumination. All activities cease, as faces turned skyward towards the accompanying heavy thumping. A helicopter and several M-RAPS, whose doors bang shut with echoes. “You’re … Continue reading Martial

That Didn’t Go Well

New York Times best selling author: "People don't start conversations using dirty words." Me: "Don't know many Marines, do you? Author: "No, I don't. Do you want to offer an example? Me: "The word 'fuck,' is an entire sentence if used properly." He immediately disconnected me from the online writing course that he is instructing.

When and if I start writing for millennial's only, instead of using 'said' or 'asked,' I'll use 'like' or 'all.' And for 'thank you,' 'no problem.' Example: "And Tom was all, 'I don't think so.' And she was like, 'What?'" "It's 'thank you,'" Tom instructed, "Not 'no problem.'"


Wells Orwell Heinlein and Rand Of 'old' letters Of 'knew' letters Of 'new' letters Of 'current' letters Primer of the coming years Lessons for days of apocalypse Burning piles of dystopia And 'it can't happen here'


in my anger and frustration i stood on the sidewalk waiting my turn to enter the grocery store our new bread line then i saw it hope in the form of a small blade of grass pushing its way up through a crack in the unyielding asphalt i am renewed

Poem #50278

i've always been alone, alone, alone even as a child no one felt like me i felt like no one no one listening no one talking only too myself and my feelings and as an old man i'm alone in thought in feeling in action and i'll die alone like the child i've always been

Imaginary Nevada: March 18, 1920 With a stick of dynamite and a length of fuse tucked in his saddle bag, Brady rode out to the pilings, where he’d encountered what he now knew to be dinosaurs. He walked around the one pile, searching for a possible explanation as to what had happened that night, but he could find nothing. … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: March 18, 1920

Imaginary Nevada: March 11, 1920 “So where in Hades have you been?” Nicholas Gorbet said, “Thought you was gonna help me with the calving?” “What do you mean by that?” Brady returned, “I jus’ saw you a couple of days ago.” “Must have hit your head if you think it’s been only two days. I last talked with you … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: March 11, 1920

It's gonna be a weird week starting with a time change, followed by a full moon and ending with a Friday the 13th. And we'll all be doing it without toilet paper and hand-sanitizer.  So may the force be with us.

Imaginary Nevada: March 4, 1920 After finding a low mesa on which to get a better view of the land, Brady unsaddled his exhausted mount and wiped him down. In the distance he could see the movement of more large beasts, while overhead giant winged creatures that resembled disjointed bats, glided along, casting shadows across the desert-scape. Brady could … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: March 4, 1920


Suddenly, there were lights flashing in my rear view mirror and soon a female state trooper walked up to my window, demanding, “License, insurance and registration, please.” I handed them to her before she asked, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” “No idea, ma’am,” I answered. “Distracted driving – using your cellphone while … Continue reading Fly