Leap Day

“Do you know what today is?” Goldie asked the two brothers standing on the sidewalk in front of her home. “Saturday,” nine-year-old Bohannon, and Goldie’s classmate, answered. “Besides that,” Goldie said, as she rolled her eyes. Six-year-old Lennox simply shrugged his shoulders, “I dunno.” “It’s Leap Day,” Goldie proudly announced. “What’s a Leap Day?” Lennox … Continue reading Leap Day


Imaginary Nevada: February 26, 1920

https://soundcloud.com/sierra-tom-darby/in-20200226 He had raced ahead of the beasts throughout the night and his pony was nearly played out, but Brady knew that if they stopped or the animal faltered, it would mean death for both. They had either ambushed Brady or Brady had accidentally found a hidden lair. Having no time to find out, he … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: February 26, 1920

Imaginary Nevada: February 19, 1920

https://soundcloud.com/sierra-tom-darby/in-20200219 Duncan Amen was a rarity in the Beowawe area. Though Indian, we wasn’t a member of any of the local Nevada tribes as he came from Canada. This, and the fact that he was Indian, left Amen somewhat isolated, a loner, and a drifter. He didn’t mind this fact very much because as he … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: February 19, 1920

Imaginary Nevada: February 12, 1920 

https://soundcloud.com/sierra-tom-darby/in-20200211 Two days horseback east of Beowawe, Brady discovered the mass of bodies sprawled across the rocky ground. The acrid smell of burnt gunpowder mingling with the stench of drying blood, hung heavy in the mid-morning air. Most were armed with rifles, a few with pistols and whoever had slain them had done so with … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: February 12, 1920 

Three-topping Special

It was her first call as a newly hired dispatcher, “Nine-one-one, fire, police or ambulance?” There was pause. “I’d like to order a pizza,” a trembling woman’s voice responded. “Ma’am, I think you called the wrong number.” “No, I haven’t.” “You called 9-1-1.” “Yes.” Suddenly, there was a hard thudding sound, and a faint cry, … Continue reading Three-topping Special

Imaginary Nevada: February 5, 1920

https://soundcloud.com/sierra-tom-darby/in-02052020 The night before last, Brady found a number of his Basque neighbor, Miguel Lardizábal’s sheep butchered. The animals had been killed violently, throats torn, dragged about as they bled, leaving thick lines and splotches of deep crimson in the otherwise white and newly fallen snow. The beast which killed them had also left behind … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: February 5, 1920