Scam Call Killer

Her cellphone rings for the sixth time that day. Another private number, another scammer.

She accepts the call.

“Hello,” a man with a Jamaican accent says, “This is the Social Security Office, how are you Mrs. Hansen?”

“Raheem? Raheem, is that you? Thank goodness! It took you long enough to get back to me. So what did they say about me claiming my husband’s disability, especially since I was the one that killed him?”

“You killed your husband?”

“Come on Raheem, I told you that the last time we spoke and don’t worry, they’ll never find his body. I chopped him up and fed him to the pigs. So what did they say?”

The caller clears his throat, “Ma’am, this is the Social Security Office and I am calling to inform you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest and…”

“A warrant!?! You turned me in? How could you do that, Raheem? I trusted you. We were supposed to run away together! It’s your fault he’s dead and I’ll tell them that you put me up to it! I swear I’ll tell them everything!”

“Mrs. Hansen, you have the wrong number. I just…”

“How can I have the wrong number, Raheem, you called me. You set me up, didn’t you? You thought you’d get me sent away and claim all that money for yourself, but you remember this, Raheem – I know where you live and I didn’t have any trouble killing my husband of 20 years and I certainly won’t have any trouble killing a man I’ve only known for six months. What do you think about that?”

‘Click,’ the caller hangs up. She hasn’t had another scam phone call since.

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