Job Interview # 1, 091

My thought on today’s interview is as follows: I got all dressed up to meet a man who didn’t wanna be there interviewing people for the position. So perhaps a little levity will break the disappointment…

Well, Hell’s bell
That interview
Didn’t go well.

My other thought is that perhaps I ought to dress like a ragged-assed schlub as many others do. I may wear blue jeans, but at least mine are clean, pressed and hole-free.

It’s a battle maintaining the positive when one feels the bite of defeatism creeping into one’s brain. Anyway, I gotta keep trying because as my folks used to say: ‘Beggars can’t be choosers.’

3 thoughts on “Job Interview # 1, 091”

  1. Interviews totally drain me. PhD level interviews usually include a 1-hour presentation, four hours of interviewing, and a lunch in which they’re secretly trying to get your guard down. I did two in a row once (a Monday and Tuesday) and almost keeled over going back to work/research on that Wednesday. I assume any interviews are hard, though, because you hold almost none of the cards.

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