The Last of the Unicorn

The two elegant figures trotted up the ramp like the other beasts, two-by-two. But Noah turned them away telling them, “The time for magic had ended on Earth.”

“But our rhinoceroses cousins are inside.”

“Yes, but their horns, unlike yours, are not magical.”

So the two Unicorn headed north and stood on a nearby mountain as it began to rain. Soon the water was over their hocks and they believed that they had breathed their last.

But God saw their plight and took mercy on them. He whispered, “Use your magic one last time to become something that will be able to withstand the ocean’s depth.”

“We’ll become fish,” one said to the other.

“Better yet, let us change ourselves into whales.”

“Can we keep our horns?”

“Yes, we can – we’re magic.”

Thus the Unicorn disappeared and became the Narwhal, the unicorn of the sea. Narwhal are known to dive to a mile in depth and the more elder the whale, the whiter they become.

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