Guard Dog

A home in the process of being built was severely vandalized recently, having nearly every bit of copper pulled from its walls. This incident is the catalyst for this horror story…

Tanner quietly walked up the freshly asphalted street in southeast Reno, and into the cluster of houses under construction. He found one without the drywall in place and knew it would be easy pickings.

Within an hour he had pulled the majority of the copper wiring and tubing from the wall spaces and the three sink areas. Next he located the hatch that was the opening to the crawl space and he slipped under the house.

He worked quietly and quickly filling up the last duffel bag he’d brought with him. He was yanking out what he believed to be the last piece of piping when he heard what he thought was footsteps on the unfinished flooring above him.

Tanner crawled over and pulled the hatch cover into place and then waited as he heard more footsteps crossing back and forth above him. He listen intently as the footfalls faded and were replaced by muffled voices.

Soon even the muffled voices faded away. Not wanting to take any chance of being discovered, Tanner remained in place for another hour.

Certain that the coast was clear, he finally dragged the bag of ill-gotten goods over to the hatch and raised the wooden square out of its resting place. As quietly as possible, he lifted the bag up from under the house and slipped the hatch back in place.

He lift it to his shoulder and raced to retrieve the other two, when he was met with a harsh and gravelly voice, “Going somewhere?”

Tanner froze in place and slowly turned. He tried to scream as the dog-like figure, with red-glowing eyes and white glistening fangs stood up, crossing the room in two strides and ripped his throat out.

One thought on “Guard Dog”

  1. I’m about to finish Robbie Cheadle’s “Through the Nethergate,” and based off this flash of yours I think you’d like her book. (I review it later this year on my blog, but I thought I’d spoil that it’s some well-researched, scary shit with a lot of surreal and paranormal elements). Just thought I’d say.

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