Thirty Years at Store #29

“You’re gonna do what?” I asked. “I’m going to leave Circus-Circus and go to work for Port of Subs.” In my mind, I was sure Mary was making a mistake. Leaving the third highest position in the housekeeping department of one of the largest hotel/casinos in Reno seemed crazy. Yet, that’s exactly what my wife … Continue reading Thirty Years at Store #29


In the Name of the Spirit

She was sitting in the hospital’s Chapel. “May I?” the young man asked. “Sure.” “Oscar,” he said, as he held his hand out. “Janet.” “Praying for someone?” “My mom. She’s in surgery – heart transplant. What are you here for?” “I’m an organ donor.” “Really?” “Yeah, got a call this morning that I’m a match.” … Continue reading In the Name of the Spirit

The Disappearance of Herbert K. Smithhorne, III

Grandma had an antiquated, mostly yellow umbrella rack, decorated with green eldritch beasts with long tentacles and red eyes. It resided behind her front door and held a lone, but very large looking black umbrella with an even darker, hook-shaped handle. “You must never, under any circumstance, ever touch that umbrella – even if it … Continue reading The Disappearance of Herbert K. Smithhorne, III

Imaginary Nevada: January 22, 1920 Wen Shu Tang owned five laundry businesses, a restaurant and two pig farms in the small town of Dayton, Nevada. His family had come from the main land in 1857 and settled in the town because it had been the largest Chinese population center  outside of San Francisco at the time. Having spent the … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: January 22, 1920


I used to wonder Which had the bigger asshole; The whale or the elephant? But then I realized, Size does not matter. The mosquitoes asshole, A cockroaches asshole, Or me. Size does not matter. An asshole is an asshole. But the shit That comes out of it... That is the real difference.

Imaginary Nevada: January 15, 1920 Brady headed out along the trail, north of Reno. His mustang’s easy stride moved him quickly up the uneven slopes of Peavine Mountain. Soon he came to slight trickle of water. Nearby he found the remains of large, but ancient looking campfire, holding charred and shattered bits of bone. “An old Indian hunting camp,” … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: January 15, 1920

Imaginary Nevada: January 8, 1920 For years, the old man had worked as a flagman on the railroad in Beowawe, eventually retiring after an accident left him crippled. Still he puttered about the yard, helping where he could and enjoying the swapping of tales late into the evening by the glow of a pot-bellied stove. Like any other town, … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: January 8, 1920

Imaginary Nevada: January 1, 1920 Brady rode the Mustang along the gravel flats of Beowawe, north or the railway, when the wind shifted. It carried a strange and offensive smell, like something was burning, and his horse reacted with a sudden jerk. He gently guided the leery animal along the flats to the tallow works. There, he could see … Continue reading Imaginary Nevada: January 1, 1920