Upon Meeting Jeremy Renner

In case you misunderstand my sense of humor…this is a fiction story…I’m too lazy to take morning walks —

My habit in the morning is to walk up the hill take a left at the major intersection in the neighborhood, continue to the main drag and then return using the first street offering entry back into the neighborhood. One morning, I decided to head the opposite direction.

As I continued along the street, I saw a man in the distance, playing fetch with his Malamute puppy. I said, “Good morning,’ as I passed and he stopped, looked at me and returned my greeting.

Something in my mind ‘clicked,’ and I stopped, turned back the few steps I’d taken and smiling said, “I know you from somewhere. I’ve seen your face, heard your voice, but can’t recall where from.”

The man pleasantly smiled, responding, “Take your time – I’m sure it’ll come to you.”

It was my turn to smile as it had jus’ dawned on me and I excitedly stated, “You’re Batman.”

We laughed. He continued laughing as he walked up his drive, his walkway and into his house.

Instantly I knew I had it all wrong, as I mumbled, “How could I be so stupid – not Batman, Green Arrow.”

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