The Spoonbill Street Horror

He stepped onto his front porch when he heard a ‘whooshing’sound and felt a ‘thump.’ This was followed by the reverberations of massive, wet thuds on the asphalt in the street before his home.

Yet, Mike could see absolutely nothing in the street. Then he was struck by a putrefied odor than nearly caused him to heave.

Next came the awful howling of neighborhood dogs. And still he had not a clue what was making the sounds that shook the ground beneath him, and which was fading around the corner and north up a neighboring street.

He stood there transfix as the noise lumbered further away, but came to a sudden halt when there appeared three large dogs from a yard further up the street. Mike could hear the low, unhalting growls of the dogs as they seemed to close-in around the unseen entity.

Suddenly as terrific howl echoed up the street as the dogs set their fangs into whatever they could see, but Mike could not. In an instant the fight, if one could be call such, was over and as the dogs retreated into the shadow of their yard, a grotesque mass of green began to fade into sight.

Quickly, Mike raced to the site, wanting to get a better look at the unknown thing. The view that met him, left him shocked and unable to move.

“Good lord,” he whispered, “What is it?”

The green thing was alive but struggling to hold onto its life. It has dozens of red-eyes, some blinking, other staring off into the void, stacked randomly on its back, the legs were many and each came with tendrils, like tree roots and star-shaped mouths at the end.

Mike moved around it in order to inspect what he was seeing. He found it had a human-shaped face, that contained the snout of a pig, the jowls of a goat, unfurled wings of a bat, webbed claws like that of a cross between a crab and a frog, a chest that bore the hair of a bear, flipper of a fish, scales of a snake and the slimy foot of a snail.

He ran back to his home and entered. He had to grab his camera to record what he was witnessing, but by the time he returned there was nothing more than a few bubbles, like that which dish soap makes as water hits it and a trace of grayish-green dust, wistfully tumbling along the guttered curb.

4 thoughts on “The Spoonbill Street Horror”

  1. This was so well written. That list of descriptions of the otherworldly being was perfect, and I thought the ending was too – was Mick crazy, or did he really get spooked by the thing? Very visual, very good.

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