Good Company

As I approach my seventh decade of life, I find myself, once again a general laborer.  Though no longer in my teens or twenties, it is in very good company that I find myself. Bukowski, Basquiat and Vivian Maier. They are each right here with me, sweating out a days work on cheap whiskey, strong … Continue reading Good Company



At 77, Henry’s mind started to go. Alzheimer's. It was the first anyone heard of his childhood friend William. They used to wrestle till one day their lips touched. Henry beat William half-to-death proving to his other friends what he wasn’t. Eventually, Henry forgot his wife and his daughter’s names, but William remained pressed on … Continue reading Lips

A Few Minutes, Episode 10: The Devil As I awoke, only my left eye would open.  The right was swollen shut. “Ah, I let the Devil out of the bottle and he kicked my ass again.” I heard her as she squeezed water from a cloth.  The smell was familiar, but I could not place it. "Eucalyptus?  Mint?" The instant it … Continue reading A Few Minutes, Episode 10: The Devil

The Deaths of Millain and Bulette, an Alternate History

“Now remember, Lieutenant, you’ll only have three minutes to accomplish your goal,” the doctor said as she injected him with jus’ enough narcotic to help him relax through the transition. Davis instantly felt himself relax as he heard the canopy on the time machine close and latch. He hid it well, the trepidation he felt … Continue reading The Deaths of Millain and Bulette, an Alternate History

A Few Minutes, Ep. 9: Sleigh Bells He sat quietly next to the hospital bed, holding the hand of his dying mother. The thump-hiss of the ventilator and steady high pitch beep of the heart monitor, with its neon green peaks, plateaus and valleys, slowly hypnotized his emotionally-fatigued mind and he lightly closed his eyes. “Do you hear the sleigh bells, … Continue reading A Few Minutes, Ep. 9: Sleigh Bells


“Destroy this,” Dr. Butler Wyman directed, as he handed Rodney Bekker the tray containing the liver-sized organism, “And be careful, it’s a genetic cross between an amoeba and a micrococcus, and if it gets any larger, it could become hard to control.” Without a word, Rodney took the tray and left the laboratory and walked … Continue reading Food

A Christmas Frame-up

Santa gave Lawrence a lump of coal one Christmas.  The next year, as revenge, Lawrence poisoned Santa's cookies.  As Lawrence sat in juvenile detention awaiting an arraignment hearing, he was overheard telling a group of other boys, "Somehow the fat bastard found out, killed my dad and framed me."

A blond bought four pregnancy tests. They all came out positive. Now she's crying in the bathroom. She wants to know how she's going to feed all four kids.


"I hate that bitch," she growled as she glared at her through darkened-eyes, "And I hate the way she ignores me, looking right through me without a single indication she recognizes me. And how dare she laugh, walk, play and keep my family and friends company while I'm consigned to her shadow."