Not in the Habit

Ding. It was Reuben’s smartphone announcing that as an Uber driver, he had a guest to pick up at Second and Arlington, in front of the church on the corner.

Within seven-minutes he pulled up in front of the steps leading to the large double doors of the cathedral. Standing to the left of the doors came a tall nun dressed in the traditional black habit of the Order of Saint Benedict.

She stepped, as if floating on air, to the lowered front passenger window and asked, “Who are you here for?”

Her voice was soft and low.

“Sister Mary Francis,” Reuben answered.

“Great,” the Nun responded, “That’s me. A girl can never be too careful, you know.”

She opened the rear passenger door and slipped into the backseat.

“Is 14-oh-75 Mount Vida Street correct, Saint Michael’s?” Reuben asked as he waited for her to fasten her seat belt.

“Yes,” she smiled.

“I didn’t know nun’s were allowed to wear makeup,” Reuben stated as he slipped the car into drive.

“We can,” she answered, “And normally I wouldn’t while wearing such formal attire.”

“Oh,” Reuben said as he studied her face in his rear-view mirror.

He had to admit that she was very attractive and honestly couldn’t understand why a beautiful young woman would become a nun in the first place. Twice he was caught staring at her in his mirrors reflection and both time she smile demurely, looking away.

In less than 20-minutes they arrived at her destination. Reuben got out of the car, rushing to open the door for her.

As she exited, he said, “You know – I’ve always had this secret fantasy…”

“Yes,” she lilted.

“To kiss a nun,” he answered.

“I’m willing to give you a kiss – but you can never tell anyone and only if you’re Catholic and unmarried.”

“I won’t and I am,” he answered all too quickly

She leaned into him and gave him a deep and long french kiss. It was unlike any kiss he’d ever experienced in his life.

“Actually, I lied,” Reuben stated, ashamed of himself, “I’m married and Jewish.”

“I haven’t been honest with you either,” Sister Mary Francis smiled as her voice dropped, “My name’s really Frank and I’m on my way to a Halloween Party.”

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