Space Intruder

Lamont sat quietly at the bar, nursing his bottle of beer. The place was busy and noisy, with one group clacking pool balls around the green felt table and another torturing a karaoke machine.

He had been busy noticing an attractive redhead in the far corner when he suddenly realized someone had taken the bar stool right next to his. Lamont turned and looked at the ‘space intruder.’

Much to his surprise it was a green monster with four large horns growing from its misshapen head, tendril-like whiskers and a single red-glowing, beady but unblinking eye from near its mid-forehead. The scaly beast shook out its leathery, semi-translucent wings before ordering a double scotch.

When the drink arrived, it raised the glass and with a yellowed-fanged grin offered, “Here’s blood in your eye.”

The malodorous oddity tossed the caramel-colored liquid down its ferocious looking snout, then ordered a second one.

“You seem familiar,” Lamont said, before asking, “Do I know you?”

“Yeah, but it’s been a long time,” the monstrosity said, as it held out a grotesquely over-sized green claw, harboring horrifying bony-fingers and massive, dirt-filled nails, “Name’s Zaa-q’ran, but you can call me Ernie and I used to live under your bed.”

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